My testimonial for CAPTO - 'Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier. In addition, it is extremely practical for use indoors and outdoors, without the need for recalibration when varying putts. I fully believe in the philosophies and principles applied in the development of CAPTO.'

What is CAPTO?


Simply put, CAPTO software captures almost every piece of data imaginable when it comes to the putter throughout the stroke. However, for me, one of the greatest capabilities of CAPTO is I am able to use it indoors and outdoors, and can change putt to putt without having to re calibrate the software. The wireless sensor and tablet based software work perfectly in all environments, allowing practice and analysis over varied distance and breaks of putt. As a coach, this gives me a far greater understanding of a golfers tendencies and trends within their putting stroke, especially due to the fact we can vary putts during analysis. Real time feedback with live data is also essential for the golfer to understand how they are to improve. 

Below is a list of just some of the data parameters measured by CAPTO

Face angle.    Shaft angle. Lie angle.   Face vs optimal. Shaft (shaft lean) vs optimal.   Lie vs optimal. Face rotation ° (degrees) /sec. Loft rotation (shaft lean) °/sec.  Lie rotation °/sec. Club Path. Angle of Attack. Path to arc. Loft (shaft lean) to arc.   Handling. Trembling. Swing length. Backswing time. Forward swing to impact time. Total swing time.   Tempo. Club directional speed. Club height speed. Ball direction. Ball Launch. Lie to green / Lie deviation.  Directional acceleration. Height acceleration. Energy dispersion. Torque dissipated energy. Forward press angle analysis.   Putter, shaft and sweetspot plane +more

Watch the video below to see my brief description of these data parameters and other functions of CAPTO 

The best putting coaches in the world use CAPTO...

"The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about Capto is allowing me to capture data of players in the environment they perform in. The different putts they face and how in turn this effects their pattern. Many other systems don’t allow that opportunity and ultimately in order to truly help players improve this is essential" - Phil Kenyon (World Renowned Putting Coach)

The below show CAPTO in use during a few of my lessons. You will see how the device simply attaches to the shaft of the putter.

Working on acceleration with Tom

Hannah getting feedback for aim

Stability (putt kernel) work with Sam