I am very pleased to announce I am now an official coach and partner of CAPTO. This means I will be conducting CAPTO coaching courses for both CAPTO and the PGA. Please see below for more information about the courses and to book your place.



We now live in a data driven golf world! Putting is no exception. The aim of this course is to help coaches have a greater understanding of the technical side of putting and the data provided by CAPTO. What is the ideal delivery of the putter into impact? What technical fundamentals help produce ideal data?

When? - Tuesday 5th November - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 26th November 2019 and Tuesday 7th January 2020 - SPACES AVAILABLE

Time? - 10am - 4pm

Where? - Old Fold Manor Golf Club

Cost?  - £90pp


Morning - Data / Technical Presentation, Quiz with some Practical

Afternoon - Further Practical with Live Lessons and Discussion 

All attendees will be analysed using the CAPTO software




Using the new CAPTO Sensor, we now have the ability to measure almost every single data parameter imaginable when it comes to the putting stroke. As with every other part of the game, there are ideal fundamentals that can apply to the putting stroke. We could argue many coaches understand the ‘ideal’ data for other parts of the game, especially the full swing. But, do they understand the ideal data when putting and the technical fundamentals to produce it? 

We now understand the techniques within the putting stroke that may contribute to more effective and consistent  data results. Does this mean every golfer should follow the perfect model putting stroke? Perhaps not. However, we can most certainly learn how and why the so called ‘model’ putting stroke works. This way we can apply as necessary within our coaching. The great part of using CAPTO is, as a coach, you only need to change the necessary. If the data results are good and consistent, don’t change the applicable technique. Conversely, CAPTO is also great for backing up technical changes.

Below is a list of just some of the data parameters measured by CAPTO

Face angle.    Shaft angle. Lie angle.   Face vs optimal. Shaft (shaft lean) vs optimal.   Lie vs optimal. Face rotation ° (degrees) /sec. Loft rotation (shaft lean) °/sec.  Lie rotation °/sec. Club Path. Angle of Attack. Path to arc. Loft (shaft lean) to arc.   Handling. Trembling. Swing length. Backswing time. Forward swing to impact time. Total swing time.   Tempo. Club directional speed. Club height speed. Ball direction. Ball Launch. Lie to green / Lie deviation.  Directional acceleration. Height acceleration. Energy dispersion. Torque dissipated energy. Forward press angle analysis.   Putter, shaft and sweetspot plane +more




Following the course, all attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance. Special offers will be available to those wishing to purchase a CAPTO sensor on the day. There will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to address me with any putting related questions they may have, whether they be to benefit their own games or that of their clients. I look forward to seeing some of you soon...