When it comes to practicing putting, it is important not to get bogged down with just the technical aspects, ensuring we practice game realistic scenarios, monitoring performance along the way. Performance Games are a perfect way to do this. Here's why...

COURSE RELISM - They allow the golfer to undergo practices and routines as they would on the course. e.g. green reading.

ADD PRESSURE - They create pressure scenarios, with the golfer attempted to reach certain goals and targets.

FEEDBACK - They allow the golfer to monitor performance over time, allowing confidence in performance, or show where further practice is required.

Below you will find my original putting games document I created to help you do exactly this. Click the link to download.

You will also find any additional games created since below. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Putting Games Document


All ABC Performance Games involve hitting 18 putts in total - 3 putts from varying distances (ABC) at 6 different holes. I have created 6 different distance combinations for ABC, allowing golfers to have better and more varied practice. The distances can be chosen from the list below and you can monitor performance through tracking score over time and / or comparing to PGA Tour averages. Every putt must be finished, in other words there are no gimmes and three putts count! You will see the chart shows the average score and make percentage from the three different distances if each were hit 6 times (18 putts in total.) Try to vary the slope of the hole as much as possible, perhaps choosing two flatter sloped hole, two medium slope and two with more slope. Also try changing the slope for the different distances, i.e. if you have already hit a 5 footer with right to left, on the next choose left to right. 

Another option you have with this game is to randomise the distances. I.e. A combination of every single distance on this chart would result in 18 putts being hit with an average make percentage of 50%. 

More Coming Soon...