Latest QUINTIC BALL ROLL Version 4.4 720 FPS Camera

Faster camera guarantees greater accuracy of data and provides more data than ever before. Camera also measures... 

  • Clubhead path throughout impact area

  • Clubface angle relative to path throughout the impact area

  • Club shaft deflection at impact

Used by top professionals like RORY MCILROY and HENRIK STENSON the quintic Ball Roll software utilises a high-speed camera tracking the golf ball and putter during impact. “The Quintic uses comprehensive tools to allow the analysis of my putting stroke in full detail” - Padraig Harrington

The Quintic Ball Roll will find the consistency of your face angle, lie angle, face rotation, strike, putter speed, ball speed, tempo, ball skid, ball spin, ball launch, shaft angle, angle of attack and more...

Examples of the Quintic Ball Roll in action...

Before and After of improved path and therefore face control from a client

Before and After of reduced and more consistent face rotation through impact, improving face control

Rory Mcilroy using the Quintic Ball Roll 

Ian Poulter using the Quintic Ball Roll