'A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer.

A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.' 

- Ben Sayers

When we look at the best putters in the world, there are certain tendencies that are essential, some that are preferable and others that are merely aesthetics. Let me help you understand these and discover the quickest route to improved putting and lower scores today!

"My putting was really really awesome. Thank you very much"

Min Kyu Kim (European Challenge Tour Golfer) after shooting 62



Eight PGA pros travelled from all over the UK to attend my first CAPTO Coaching Course at Old Fold Manor. I thoroughly enjoyed helping other golf coaches learn about Capto data, using Capto in their coaching and putting coaching as a whole. The day was a huge success, receiving lots of positive feedback.
Thank you to all those that attended and I really hope you found the day useful moving forward. The next course takes place tomorrow at Old Fold Manor. There are still a couple of spaces should anyone want to attend at the last minute. 


Putting has always been the strength of my own game, having acquired a technique that simply made bio-mechanical sense to me. I have never had a formal putting lesson and simply gained knowledge through my own research, listening to coaches and other means. 

In the early days of my coaching career, I always had a keen focus on putting, with many of the members of my then home club, plus a few from other clubs coming to see me for putting lessons. Then early in 2016, having started helping some fellow professionals with their putting, I decided to start specialising and dedicating myself to full time putting coaching. My journey so far as a putting coach has been hugely successful, having coached thousands of golfers and more than 100 professional golfers worldwide. Visits to facilities around the UK, Europe and USA have given me great opportunities to coach and expand my learning.  The experience I have gained from these coaching so many golfers has been invaluable! I hope to continue grow and develop as a coach, helping many more golfers putt better for years to come. 

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